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How Does Metal Detector Work?

Initially, metal detectors were invented by US President J. A. Garfield in 1881. He was shot by a bullet which entered in his body and went missing. Since then, they have been used by many people for various purposes. Today, they are used for security, industrial, and hobby purposes.

How Does It Work?

How Does Metal Detector WorkMetal detectors use electromagnetism force in order to detect and notify on the presence and location of a metal item. According to James Clerk Maxwell, electricity and magnetism fields are operated in a similar way. Therefore, changing one field translates into changes on the other field too.

A metal detector is made of different parts. These include: handle, transmitter coil, receiver coil, loudspeaker, circular head, and detector plate. The flow of the magnetic and electric current in the transmitter as well as the receiver coils aids in the detection of metals and other materials from the ground or other surfaces.

The transmitter coil is made up of a wire coil that extends from the circular head up to the base. This coil harnesses electricity current from the battery which is normally fitted below the handle. The flow of electric current in the transmitter coil creates a magnetic field move as you move the metal detector from side to side.

How Does Metal Detector WorkThe magnetic field create has a significant effect on the atoms of the metal on the ground. It affects the movement of the atoms/electrons in a metal or item that is hidden or lost on the ground or grass.

According to J. C. Maxwell, movement of electricity current in a metal on the ground creates a magnetic force of attraction. On the other hand, another wire coil known as the receiver coil responds to the electricity flow from the battery by triggering the loudspeaker to beep or vibrate. This indicates the presence of a metal on a surface.

Thus, creation of the magnetic field in the atoms of a metal by the transmitter coil triggers the back-reaction by the receiver coil which, in turn, triggers the loudspeaker to beep or vibrate. There is your metal or valuable item!

Which Factors Affect the Functionality of a Metal Detector?

1. Distance

The closer the transmitter coil is to a metallic object, the stronger the field of magnetism that is created. This increases the chances of faster and more accurate signaling. This makes metal detection accurate and effective.

2. Battery Power

How Does Metal Detector WorkStronger batteries with a longer serving duration enhance metal detection process for a longer period of time. The battery is used to induce the electrical power used for various functions such as: LED light emission, functionality of the loudspeaker, vibrator, transmitter coil, and the receiver coil. Normally, metal detector batteries lasts for over 60 hours of consistent usage.

3. Amount of Current Flowing to the Receiver Coil

More the current flow into the receiver coil leads to more noise or vibration which is produced by the loudspeaker system. As you move closer move closer to where a metal is located, the noise or signaling intensifies. At the same time, old and corroded metals may emit lesser current to the receiver coil than new and non-corroded metals.


Metal detectors have been effectively used in fields such as: industries, security, and military. Through the electromagnetism relationship that is created between the metal detector and a metal on the ground, it becomes easy to find hidden, lost, or discovery metals or items from different surfaces.

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Top 5 Brands for Best Metal Detector

Metal detectors come in different types. These differences lie in the features, functionality, and suitability of the metal detectors. Some metal detectors are designed for the search of specific types of metals such as gold, titanium, platinum, diamond, or silver.

What are some of the Best Metal Detector Brands?

There are different brands of metal detectors in the market. However, you may not be in a position to know the currently best metal detectors in the market. Based on their features and recent technological there following are some of the best metal detector brands in the market:

1. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Top 5 Brands for Best Metal DetectorThis is a light-in-weight and considerably affordable metal detector. It is produced by the Bounty Hunter manufacturers. Bounty metal detectors are designed with the incorporation of the automatic ground balance technology to enhance effectiveness.

It possesses accurate target ID technology which goes up to 10-20 feet depth. With 4-level iron discrimination, this metal detector is suitable for good distance metal detection. Also, it comes with a 5-year warranty which proves its efficiency.

2. Garrett Ace 250 Handheld Metal Detectors

Top 5 Brands for Best Metal DetectorSince 1964, Garrett Metal Detectors have been highly reliable to many users. They are suitable for professional metal detection individuals as well as for beginners. Garrett Ace 250 Handheld Metal Detectors come with different modes suitable for “coin” and “all metal” searches.

It has headphones which are essential for loudspeaker notifications. Its batteries can last for over 72 hours of consistent metal detection. The metal detector also comes with all other accessories and a bag.

This metal detector has been described on a metal detector reviews blog that “coin hunters would find it suitable especially when learning the ropes on metal detection” as this quality products fits most people budgest at the same time as it offers flexibility and high quality from this well known brand.

3. AT Pro Metal Detector

Top 5 Brands for Best Metal DetectorThis is a perfect and a simple-to-use metal detector which is suitable for beginners and also professionals. The metal detector is enhanced with audio tones which makes the process of metal detection easy

It also comes with a Digital Target ID which can extend up to 15 feet. It has a 4-level iron discrimination which notifies one on the presence and location of any iron materials in a 5-meter radius area.

4. Fisher F2 Metal Detector with Pin-pointer

Top 5 Brands for Best Metal DetectorIt is produced by Fisher Manufacturers. It has a light-weight and attractive appearance. It has an underwater waterproof feature which enhances you to conduct metal detection even in deep water.

With its one-touch pinpoint enhanced with depth readability, you can be able to know the depth at which the metal detected is before you start digging. Also, the metal detector has 2 by 9 volt alkaline batteries and a lengthy warranty of 5 years.

5. Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

Top 5 Brands for Best Metal DetectorIt is suitable for use by beginners as well as professionals. It is perfect for detection of coins and relics from the ground. It has Silent-Search and All-Metal Search modes which can be easily switched on and off.

Silent-Search mode enhances you to search for metals amidst many people without necessarily letting everyone know what you are doing. It has discrimination modes too. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Thus, you can trust on this tool for efficiency.


There is a wide range of metal detectors in the market. Therefore, as you plan to purchase one for your metal detection activity, be sure to check its features and suitability to work under different conditions. By this, you will be able to get the best metal detector.